Mixed Media

North Battleford, Saskatchewan

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Although this winters' weather has been extremely variable I cannot help but be inspired by the wonderful hoar frost and bright sky of late!  It's wonderful to look out on the magical landscape while I try to create magic of my own.  I'm hoping all this beauty will positively influence  some new classes and artwork I am planning for this year.

I am continuing to play with new ideas and materials  and having fun in creative ways around my home.  I'm enjoying having extra time to play this year and relaxing into a new rhythm.

I hope you too are making time to play, to experiment and to enjoy your favourite activities.  There seems to be a great need for these types of stress relieving pastimes with so much unrest in the world.  May you find your creative grounding and joy and by being kind to yourself, spread kindness to the world.



Winter 2018



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