Mixed Media

North Battleford, Saskatchewan

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Ahhhh, the shorter days and longer evenings of autumn and winter - I love the ease that can bring.  Somehow it seems that there is no need to rush.  We can rest more, contemplate on the work we want to create, in a different kind of thoughtful way than the other seasons.  As I plan new community workshops and activities for the next B.E.A.T.S. session's (Building Expression & Awareness through Theatre and Sound, see my links if you would like to learn more), I am also considering the direction and intention of my own personal art practice.  I am grateful for this time and know it helps to keep me grounded.

I will continue to play and experiment and am even repurposing a lot of older work.  Every day is a new adventure and I hope to share some or the new work with you soon.

I hope you too are enjoying long evenings of creating and relaxing.

As always, may you find your creative joy and be kind to yourself, spreading kindness to the world.



November 2018



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