Crafts, Digital, Installation, Mixed Media, Painter, Textiles

North Battleford, Saskatchewan

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I love the way, as the days begin to lengthen and the suns warmth and brightness increases, my creative energy builds as well.  Spring is on its way!

I have been busy planning new workshops for the library and the 2017 B.E.A.T.S. project – 2 of my favourite places to teach, the focus being on creative expression. I truly do believe that allowing ourselves to freely create and relax into our own personal expressive rhythm is so important to our health.  I know that it is my own creative practice that contributes to the necessary grounding I need.  And of course, the fun of the process can’t be beat!

Over the past few month I have participated in a couple of group shows with some new textile pieces and I have been playing more with digital art.  I love to learn new things and enjoy experimenting with ways to combine materials and techniques to challenge myself to make them my own.  I have been doing lots of warm up exercises and just playing.  I wish I could dedicate more time to this as I really find it helps me grow. 

I hope you too are making time to play, to experiment and to enjoy your favourite activities.  There seems to be a great need for these types of stress relieving pastimes with so much unrest in the world.  May you find your creative grounding and joy and by being kind to yourself, spread kindness to the world.



February/March 2017



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