I, as an artist, am constantly endeavoring to evoke moods, memories, thoughts and inspiration in the viewer – to enrich their experience, and heighten their enjoyment of art and life. One critic has stated: “There is no way to overestimate the value of light and illumination in the work of any artist. The use of colour is essentially synonymous with illumination. The art of Patricia W. Savoie is no exception to this. Whether it be a radiant burst of sunshine, or a glistening reflection in a pool of water, Tricia can lighten our mood, ignite our senses, or spark a reminiscence with her work. One cannot help but come away from an exposition of her art with kindled memories, and a smile to brighten our day.” Tricia resides in the Ottawa, Ont. region and following in the tradition of the group of seven, paints frequently en 'plein air'. If you are interested in seeing her artwork in person please contact her using the contact information provided. Tricia also teachs art - contact her for dates, times, locations.


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