Artisan, Ceramics, Crafts, Figure, Floral, Sculptor, Wildlife / Animals

Regina, Saskatchewan

ANNE MCLELLAN I live and work in Regina, Saskatchewan.  I have been working with clay for over 35 years and maintained my studio practise for over 18 years.  My work is a continuous exploration.  I began working with clay because i wanted to make pots that could be used to drink or eat out of.  The more pieces that I made the more my work changed to reflect function in different ways and to have a deeper meaning.  In my work I look at relationships presented in pottery forms: inside-outside, layers, symmetry, strong-fragile, line-colour and decoration-narrative.  

Pieces that I make are traditional pottery forms such as bowls, platters, teapots and jars which have many surfaces to work with.  I have used these forms to explore sculptural aspects of them through re-assembly of bowls, stacking them vertically into totems, exploring the rituals of tea and exploring the figurative qualities of shapes.  More recently my work has been focused on surface imagery and creating a narrative.  I have been working with simpler forms with more surface to use colour, line and blending.  In my studio practise my focus is on strengthening my forms and creating clearer compositions.  My voice in clay has been a quiet one.  The turtles, the fish and the dragonflies are all part of the fragile environment where plant and animal species are dying out.  


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