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  • “Animals” International Call - Art & Literature Journal - Deadline October 31, 2020

    Location: Toronto, ON

    | Theme: Animals are critical to our existence. Sometimes they are covered in..
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  • Drop-In Stitch-Ins

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    These evenings will give you an opportunity to stitch with fellow stitchers! ..
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  • Fabric and Textile Artists

    Location: LADYSMITH, BC

    Call to Fabric and Textile Artists. If there are fabric or textile artists who..
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  • Anonymous Art Show 2020 Call for Artists

    Location: North Vancouver, BC

    North Van Arts invites you to submit to the 2020 Anonymous Art Show..
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  • National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society 2020 Fall Online International Exhibition

    Location: , ON

    Deadline Oct 25th $4000 in cash and prizes The National Oil & Acrylic..
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  • Introduction to Bead Crochet Workshop

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Learn how to bead crochet! Participants will learn basic bead crochet technique and..
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  • Windows Open 2020

    Location: Markham, ON

    During the past few months daily life seemed to come to a standstill,..
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  • In Focus Contest 2020

    Location: Toronto, ON

    Anyone between ages 10 - 18 can enter in their respective age category. Entries..
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  • Wanted - Studio Space

    Location: Saskatoon, SK

    Wanted, a small heated studio space in Saskatoon for stone carving. Contact:..
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  • Exhibit and Opening Reception - The Material and the Mystical

    Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

    Artist Marilyn Cochrane beckons viewers to a world of beauty from glittering crystals..
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  • The 3rd Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition

    Location: New York, NY

    New York Art Competitions are pleased to announce the opening of the Latin..
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  • Introduction to Crochet Workshop

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Learn how to crochet! Participants will learn basic crochet techniques and stitches. You..
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  • Call for Artists : Print Issue n°02 - VAST Magazine

    Location: New York, NY

    VAST ART MAGAZINE is excited to announce the international open call for ISSUE..
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  • ASA Gallery Presents: The Big Leap!

    Location: Calgary, AB

    Please join us for the opening reception of “The Big Leap!” being held..
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  • Wood Burning Workshop

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Learn the art of simple wood burning! Skyler will teach you how to..
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  • Beginner Acrylic Painting Workshop: Impasto 9

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    In this three-hour class you will create a bright, beautiful floral using the..
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  • Call for Artists - Positively Petite: Annual Miniature Exhibition

    Location: Coquitlam, BC

    Place des Arts seeks local artists who create things small and beautiful for..
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  • Wheat Weaving Workshop

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Learn how to wheat weave! Irene will teach you different weaving and braiding..
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  • 10th Annual

    Location: Palm Springs, CA

    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for the..
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  • Call for Art - 5th Annual Waterscapes Art Competition

    Location: Palm Springs, CA

    Fusion Art invites submissions for the 5th Annual Waterscapes art competition for an..
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  • 5th Anniversary Art Competition

    Location: Palm Springs, CA

    Fusion Art is celebrating a very special milestone. October 2020 is the gallery’s..
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  • PRISMA ART PRIZE - 6th edition

    Location: ROME,

    Il Varco is glad to inaugurate the sixth edition of Prisma Art Prize,..
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Aboriginal Artists in Ontario

The heart of Canadian culture, Canadian aboriginal art is varied from the Haida of the west coast to the Inuit of the North. These aboriginal artists work in traditional and contemporary art forms such as soapstone, woodcarving, mask making, weaving, leather and painting.

Deron Douglas Ahsén:nase


Aboriginal, Drawing, Figure, Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor


Ahsén:nase is a Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) artist/author with roots in the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory. Working with oils on canvas (although he has dabbled in stone and wood carving, clay, photography, water color, acrylic and print-making), he now illustrates children’s story books and creates unique fine art inspired by his First Nations culture.

This culture he states, “is an abundant source of creative expression” that helps him to entwine traditional values with contemporary subject matter. Working with bold colors, a crisp design and a unique sense of humour, he creates what he calls “a culmination of pebbles picked up along the path”.

I have been a creator of art, either in paint, stone, photography or wood, for more than 40 years, and during that time a common question is usually asked of me... “What does this mean?”

While my personal experiences and feelings are responsible for the creation of this art, I think it is more important to ask yourself... “What does this mean to you?”

In the end I believe, that's all that matters. A piece of art will mean different things to different people and one needs to find that feeling of “connected-ness” in order to appreciate it.

About my paintings...

My style has changed over the years to reflect my tastes and interests. And like those before me, other artists have influenced the way I view the world, my selection of color and the execution of a brush stroke. For example, I once painted ultra-realistic images based on nature; I then switched to a style that could at best could be considered impressionistic.

Over the years I have learned that as we travel along the path of this life, experiencing both the good and the bad, we pick up pebbles along the way that speak to us. My artistic journey from realism to impressionism allowed me to pick up the pebbles of accidental brush strokes and a wonder at the magic of a single dab of white paint.

To my mind art is the interpretation of a three dimensional world on a two dimensional surface, it is an abstraction of reality that has been heavily influenced by the artist’s mind, spirit and experiences along that path. It’s the pebbles that make their way to the surface.

My current tastes move me to paint with bold colors, careful design and in some cases, a touch of humor. My subject matter is influenced by my Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) culture and is in most cases a feeling or a thought that I wish to express.

For example “Mnidoonsag” (Ojibwa for insects meaning “Little Spirits”) resulted from my wonder at the magic of fireflies. Even at my age I am awestruck by these little beings whenever I am fortunate enough to see them. I consider it a gift and feel blessed to be able to feel this wonder.

Other topics such as those depicted by “Holding Back the Madness” and “Iktomi in his Red Bathrobe” came from a more serious topic. In this case, the results of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) findings on the atrocities committed to our children by the government of Canada with its enforcement of residential schools.

Generally speaking, most of my paintings will depict the strength, beauty, spirit and humor found within my culture and the culture of other First Nations people on Turtle Island. Currently my paintings have themes that depict Native Spirituality. This in itself, is a form of "de-colonization" as the practice of our own spirituality was outlawed for a long time and almost extinguished through residential schools both in Canada and the USA.

After reading this and viewing a sampling of my work I hope that your tastes run parallel to mine. Perhaps we share some common pebbles.