Aboriginal, Abstract, Crafts, Landscape, Painter, Wildlife / Animals

Metcalfe, Ontario

Presently living in Metcalfe Ontario I was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley where I have lived and worked all my life. A self taught artist painting in Acrylics my artistic creations reflect my interests in landscapes, wildlife and native representational images but in keeping with my philosphy of lifelong learning I do not limit myself or my artwork to these areas. I also do work in more contemporary venues. I have even painted on feathers and Birch bark. Research on my subjects is done primarily in the Ottawa Valley along the Rideau Lakes system and local forests and woodlands where I hike and canoe. In my landscapes and wildlife renderings I strive to portray a mood rather than photorealism although the detail is extensive. My native representational creations reflect my affinity to the stories, images and visions of this beautiful culture. I enjoy the freeflowing nature of this style juxtaposed to the detail and accuracy required of my other works. I like to try new subjects and techniques and also to try a new approach to my previous work.


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