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Tina Monod

Bow Legends I

Tina Monod is a contemporary landscape artist creating art that is boldly beautiful. She works in acrylics and watercolours. Her colour palette and brushwork flow with the styles of both impressionist and expressionist painting. Tina was born in Kelowna, BC and studied visual arts in Victoria. As an artist and designer, she has worked and lived in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. Her studio is in Whitby, Ontario.

Wherever Tina travels, her paintbrushes follow. Landscapes come to life with emotion on a brush. Her creative adventures trace both the landmarks and history trails of Western Canada’s national parks, the Canadian Rockies and beautiful destinations throughout Banff. Mountains are in her DNA and forever fueling creativity in Tina’s studio.

Monod exhibits her artwork regularly and has been featured in ARABELLA Canadian Art, Architecture & Design, EAST of the City and Modern Dog Magazine.

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Bow Legends I

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