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Abstract Painter


Janna Kumi

Abstract Nature Painter

Janna Kumi's artwork is often a contemplation on the unseen or overlooked landscapes of the natural world. She tends towards the detail and her focus on the microcosm of nature is always on a deeper reflection of function, to give voice to the small and seemingly insignificant.

Trees hold a special interest. Their solidity, the way they stand on the earth’s surface, commands our attention. Trees support a vast array of life on the living and dead surfaces of their bark and they are also interconnected in amazing ways with the broader ecosystem they inhabit. Through their protective bark layers, oxygen seeps out of the trees through little openings called lenticals - supporting life on earth. Their interconnection with other creatures and plants are just beginning to be studied and understood on the most basic levels. And so my work focuses mostly on tree bark and wood – on its textures and colours, the life forms that find a home there - and to allude to the ways trees communicate with their surroundings.

"My purpose lies in finding the sensitivity of line and intensity of color that alludes to the solidness of the bark and wood, the lightness of air, the shapes and forms of this bark and wood. Through the interplay of form and colour, I paint both reality and illusion. Through various media I seek to blend conceptualism and physicality; classicism with the contemporary, to exist together on canvas or paper. It is through these co-existences that I paint an appreciation of life, where art and function mesh".

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Atlas Cedar - Ink & Coloured Pencil on Paper

Release Me - Oil, acrylic, watercolour - 24" x 24"

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