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Abstract Painter


Lisa Levasseur

Abstract Paintings

Lisa is admired for her incredible range of work in different mediums and raw natural talent. Known as the creator of Palette Art, a culmination of unique abstract forms in both painting & sculpture.

Canadian born business woman, Lisa began painting 2010 and quickly emerged an artist She is the creator of PaletteArt™ a new art form using 100% acrylic recycled paint to sculpt 3D one of a kind paintings. Now featured as a Modern Art Master & International Contemporary Master in magazines, books & exhibitions all over the world. Her work hangs in private & museum collections next to the likes of Picasso, Renoir & Dali. She is working to help other artists and get them involved in paint recycling. For info visit Top Contemporary Artist

With the spectacular views from the art studio, Lisa is inspired by the ever changing light on the landscape and the subjects she paints. It is the perfect creative setting, as she develops her impasto abstract work with multiple layers of subtle beauty.

Artist Statement; "I'm moved by actions, history and events that shape mankind, by nature or anything elevating the spirit. It translates into all this energy, which I can express in a positive way through art. My hope is to inspire the same passion, love & will in others." - Calling Artists, you can help paint the world with recycled paint - LJL

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