An Artists in Canada Premium Member's work is reviewed to ensure a high standard of quality. Discriminating buyers, Art Galleries and art patrons may consider them as Canada's up and coming artists to be watched and collected. To purchase work or request a commission contact Artists in Canada.. Premium Membership Details.

Premium Membership

Premium Membership


A Marketing Opportunity

for Canadian Artists

Artists in Canada helps market Premium Members through increased home page exposure and other initiatives like inclusion in the little Black Book and the Big Black Book (Artist's Directory ecatalogue), created for Art Vancouver and Art Fairs across the country for the full year. This new issue will be out in mid April. The new E-BLACK BOOK ecatalogue will be out in time for numerous fall and winter events and good till next spring 2019.


Artists in Canada Premium Membership, apply when you are ready. Your work will be reviewed to ensure a level of professionalism and will be personally discussed with you. The sooner you upgrade your AIC membership or join we can implement all the other advantages of this membership, which includes increased exposure through our featured home page title banner, an image enhanced listing, year round mini ads and more on AIC. You will be part of a Premium group of artists being showcased by Artists in Canada throughout the year, online and in other initiatives.

Art sales that are initiated through the Premium Membership, where the artist agrees to be represented by AIC are subject to a modest commission. Artists just wishing the increased exposure may instead request contacts be sent to themselves or their Art Gallery.


We look forward to working with you.

Paul Constable Director

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Premium Members Big Black Book, Artist's Directory – 2018

Art! Vancouver 2015 International Art Fair – May 21-24

Premium Members

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