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  • A Celebration of Stuart McCormick, Glengarry Artist

    Location: Alexandria, ON

    Born in 1905, McCormick was a prolific, self-taught painter. For 40 years he..
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  • August Artist Retreat - North Battleford Saskatchewan- Held at Edam

    Location: North Battleford, SK

    August Art Retreat 2017 (or Pastoral Pastimes or Creating with Cows...) Just a quick note..
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  • Norval Morrisseau (1931-2007)

    Location: Toronto, ON

    A display of works by Norval Morrisseau and the Woodland School from the..
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  • Laying the Foundation: Works from the Original Gift

    Location: Toronto, ON

    The McMichael Canadian Art Collection started out as a modest four-room home, built..
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  • The Art of Canada: Director’s Cut

    Location: Toronto, ON

    Ian Dejardin, Executive Director of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, is delving deep..
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  • …Everything Remains Raw

    Location: Toronto, ON

    A Primary Exhibition organized by the McMichael Canadian Art Collection for Scotiabank CONTACT..
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  • J.E.H. MacDonald: Up Close

    Location: Toronto, ON

    J.E.H MacDonald: Up Close will celebrate the art and method of J.E.H. MacDonald’s..
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  • Call for artists Art! Vancouver 2019

    Location: Vancouver, BC

    Vancouver Visual Art Foundation is pleased to announce an open call for artists..
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  • Call for Artists -BAM

    Location: Toronto, ON

    #BAM2018 is a great exhibition for artists with Latin American heritage who are..
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  • Art by the Acre

    Location: Outlook, SK

    Sculpture / Painting / Photography Exhibit Located in the community of Outlook, Saskatchewan on..
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  • 3D to E=mc2

    Location: Owen Sound, ON

    Calling all artists. Accepting submissions from artists working in all mediums expressed in..
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  • 16th Annual Art on the Street

    Location: Guelph, ON

    Returning for its 16th year, Art on the Street organizers are pleased to..
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  • Wonder | International Photography Call for Entry

    Location: Fort Collins, CO

    Wonder can be a moment, it's a feeling, a curiosity, an experiment or..
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  • Call of Mural Submissions

    Location: London, ON

    We are looking for a dynamic artist to be a part of painting..
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  • Call for submissions: Clarington Outdoor Art Festival

    Location: Bowmanville, ON

    The Clarington Outdoor Art Festival (COAF) is a summer festival presented by the..
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  • “3D – Alberta Sculpture” PROSPECTUS

    Location: Calgary, AB

    The Alberta Society of Artists invites all sculpture artists (18 years of age..
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  • Call for Submissions: The Best of South Western Alberta

    Location: Calgary, AB

    The Alberta Society of Artists invites all artists (18 years of age or..
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  • Indigenous Artists! Submit Artwork to a National Billboard Campaign!

    Location: , ON

    Open call for submissions from Indigenous Artists to have your art featured on..
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  • eRacism ~ International Call for Artists

    Location: Penticton, BC

    Hope you can be a part of this and hope you can pass..
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  • Open Art Ouverte - Montreal Art Centre

    Location: Montreal, QC

    Glenna Tissenbaum will be exhibiting a selection of her paintings at the group..
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  • Awakening Our Creative Spirit

    Location: Scarborough, ON

    June 16 - 21, Reception: June 16, 1 4 pm: Cedar Ridge Creative..
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  • Impact 2018: NPCC's Annual Juried Exhibition

    Location: Mississauga, ON

    Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) invites emerging and established artists to participate in..
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  • Zoominescence 2018

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Edmonton, the most northern city in North America with a population of over..
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  • Clay Instructor for Birthday Parties

    Location: Port Moody, BC

    The Clay Birthday Instructor will be responsible for the preparation, delivery and clean-up..
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  • 2nd International Photography Competition

    Location: Palm Springs, CA

    Fusion Art invites submissions for its 2nd International Photography competition. For this open..
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  • Abstract Art in the Community

    Location: Burnaby, BC

    Long time Burnaby resident Dorothy Doherty (nee Pakirnus) exhibits abstract art in the..
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  • AIR

    Location: Calgary, AB

    AIR When: June 2 - 28, 2018 Where: Calgary Central Public Library Main Floor Gallery 616 Macleod Trail..
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  • Best of East Central Alberta

    Location: Calgary, AB

    Best of East Central Alberta Sat. June 2 - Sat. June 30, 2018 Western GM Gallery Badlands..
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  • “Youth” International Call For Artists and Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline June 30, 2018

    Location: Toronto, ON

    | Theme: Youth is literally defined as the period between childhood and adulthood...
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  • Beacon Original Art

    Location: Calgary, AB

    We invite emerging, mid-career and professional artists to participate at our juried Annual..
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  • New Paintings by Sandra Hawkins

    Location: Ottawa, ON

    Award winning artist, Sandra Hawkins, has just returned from her exhibition in New..
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  • DUC National Art Portfolio - Call to Artists

    Location: Bracebridge, ON

    For more than 30 years, through our portfolio, Ducks Unlimited Canada built relationships..
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  • Portrait Commission

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Artist Accept Portrait Commissions!..
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  • Call for Artists - Uxbridge Art on the Fringe

    Location: Uxbridge, ON

    September 15-16, 2018 A venue for emerging and established artists to display their work..
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Facebook limits your friends to top 25

By Artists In Canada May 28, 2018

Artists make sure you establish yourself using a platform you know has a vested interest in you and supports your art practice.

FaceBook, like the Banks, are not your friends - its all business, so treat your art practice more like a business, but be nicer to your customers than they are. To start make sure you are listed for free on ArtistsIn Canada

Facebooks new logarithm now limits  your feed to your top 25 friends. Seems odd FB would do this as they want to reach as many of your following to sell them to advertisers. Anyway, make sure you post and share your messages between all your social medias. This cross pollenation will help expand your reach amoung your following. Also, drive traffic back to your website and send out messages using a newsletter service especially for invitations and special events and updates as to your art showings.

There is one more thing coming down the pipe. Even if you've never heard the term "Explore Feed" before now, it's about to haunt your dreams.

Not quite feeling the love from Facebook these days? If you're a media brand, you might think Mark Zuckerberg is on a mission to destroy your business.

Facebook is testing a new newsfeed system that would exile publishers' content to a no man's land known as the "Explore Feed." This would effectively put an end to the media's ability to reach its followers without paying for the privilege.

This test is running in six countries currently, but I would be shocked if it doesn't go wide in 2018--and if it doesn't drag traditional brands in as well. After all, many companies are well on their way to becoming publishers themselves.

So what is this Explore Feed, anyway?

On its surface, it's an interesting tool for you to discover brands and publishers through Facebook. This feed currently features recommended content from feeds you don't follow (as opposed to your newsfeed, which holds posts from friends and pages you do follow), including posts, articles, photos, and videos.

Facebook's shift would take content from publishers you've chosen to follow from your newsfeed and move it over to the Explore Feed. And before you say, "What's the big deal?" think about how many times you scroll through your newsfeed during the day versus the Explore Feed. Probably rarely...if ever.

The result is a watered down Facebook Feed that only features articles media brands have paid (begrudgingly) to promote.

How Would This Change Affect Brands?

While this new system is still in test mode, and Facebook claims it has no immediate plans to go wide with this (let alone mention of brands just yet), we can all see where this is going, right?

At Masthead Media, we've been telling our clients for a while that social media is becoming pure pay-to-play. Brands have been battling plummeting organic engagement rates for a few years now, and trying to figure out the right mix between earning--and paying for--interaction with their own followers on social media.

While this new move by Facebook is primarily targeted at media brands, companies who develop social content (aka, everyone!) should also see some pretty clear writing on the wall. After all, brands are becoming publishers in their own right--they definitely shouldn't rely on social to drive organic traffic to their site for much longer.

This is why it's even more critical for them--and for you--to invest in the creation of high value, well-optimized content on owned channels (including blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and even custom print publications), and only pay to promote the content that's already starting to show real organic traction through social.

Artists in Canada looks forward to helping market and sell members artwork. Get listed then, become a member.

Article from FLIPBOARD