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  • A Celebration of Stuart McCormick, Glengarry Artist

    Location: Alexandria, ON

    Born in 1905, McCormick was a prolific, self-taught painter. For 40 years he..
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  • August Artist Retreat - North Battleford Saskatchewan- Held at Edam

    Location: North Battleford, SK

    August Art Retreat 2017 (or Pastoral Pastimes or Creating with Cows...) Just a quick note..
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  • Norval Morrisseau (1931-2007)

    Location: Toronto, ON

    A display of works by Norval Morrisseau and the Woodland School from the..
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  • Laying the Foundation: Works from the Original Gift

    Location: Toronto, ON

    The McMichael Canadian Art Collection started out as a modest four-room home, built..
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  • The Art of Canada: Director’s Cut

    Location: Toronto, ON

    Ian Dejardin, Executive Director of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, is delving deep..
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  • …Everything Remains Raw

    Location: Toronto, ON

    A Primary Exhibition organized by the McMichael Canadian Art Collection for Scotiabank CONTACT..
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  • J.E.H. MacDonald: Up Close

    Location: Toronto, ON

    J.E.H MacDonald: Up Close will celebrate the art and method of J.E.H. MacDonald’s..
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  • Call for artists Art! Vancouver 2019

    Location: Vancouver, BC

    Vancouver Visual Art Foundation is pleased to announce an open call for artists..
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  • Call for Artists -BAM

    Location: Toronto, ON

    #BAM2018 is a great exhibition for artists with Latin American heritage who are..
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  • Art by the Acre

    Location: Outlook, SK

    Sculpture / Painting / Photography Exhibit Located in the community of Outlook, Saskatchewan on..
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  • 3D to E=mc2

    Location: Owen Sound, ON

    Calling all artists. Accepting submissions from artists working in all mediums expressed in..
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  • 16th Annual Art on the Street

    Location: Guelph, ON

    Returning for its 16th year, Art on the Street organizers are pleased to..
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  • Wonder | International Photography Call for Entry

    Location: Fort Collins, CO

    Wonder can be a moment, it's a feeling, a curiosity, an experiment or..
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  • Call of Mural Submissions

    Location: London, ON

    We are looking for a dynamic artist to be a part of painting..
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  • Call for submissions: Clarington Outdoor Art Festival

    Location: Bowmanville, ON

    The Clarington Outdoor Art Festival (COAF) is a summer festival presented by the..
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  • “3D – Alberta Sculpture” PROSPECTUS

    Location: Calgary, AB

    The Alberta Society of Artists invites all sculpture artists (18 years of age..
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  • Call for Submissions: The Best of South Western Alberta

    Location: Calgary, AB

    The Alberta Society of Artists invites all artists (18 years of age or..
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  • Indigenous Artists! Submit Artwork to a National Billboard Campaign!

    Location: , ON

    Open call for submissions from Indigenous Artists to have your art featured on..
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  • eRacism ~ International Call for Artists

    Location: Penticton, BC

    Hope you can be a part of this and hope you can pass..
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  • Open Art Ouverte - Montreal Art Centre

    Location: Montreal, QC

    Glenna Tissenbaum will be exhibiting a selection of her paintings at the group..
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  • Awakening Our Creative Spirit

    Location: Scarborough, ON

    June 16 - 21, Reception: June 16, 1 4 pm: Cedar Ridge Creative..
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  • Impact 2018: NPCC's Annual Juried Exhibition

    Location: Mississauga, ON

    Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) invites emerging and established artists to participate in..
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  • Zoominescence 2018

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Edmonton, the most northern city in North America with a population of over..
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  • Clay Instructor for Birthday Parties

    Location: Port Moody, BC

    The Clay Birthday Instructor will be responsible for the preparation, delivery and clean-up..
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  • 2nd International Photography Competition

    Location: Palm Springs, CA

    Fusion Art invites submissions for its 2nd International Photography competition. For this open..
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  • Abstract Art in the Community

    Location: Burnaby, BC

    Long time Burnaby resident Dorothy Doherty (nee Pakirnus) exhibits abstract art in the..
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  • AIR

    Location: Calgary, AB

    AIR When: June 2 - 28, 2018 Where: Calgary Central Public Library Main Floor Gallery 616 Macleod Trail..
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  • Best of East Central Alberta

    Location: Calgary, AB

    Best of East Central Alberta Sat. June 2 - Sat. June 30, 2018 Western GM Gallery Badlands..
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  • “Youth” International Call For Artists and Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline June 30, 2018

    Location: Toronto, ON

    | Theme: Youth is literally defined as the period between childhood and adulthood...
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  • Beacon Original Art

    Location: Calgary, AB

    We invite emerging, mid-career and professional artists to participate at our juried Annual..
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  • New Paintings by Sandra Hawkins

    Location: Ottawa, ON

    Award winning artist, Sandra Hawkins, has just returned from her exhibition in New..
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  • DUC National Art Portfolio - Call to Artists

    Location: Bracebridge, ON

    For more than 30 years, through our portfolio, Ducks Unlimited Canada built relationships..
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  • Portrait Commission

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Artist Accept Portrait Commissions!..
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  • Call for Artists - Uxbridge Art on the Fringe

    Location: Uxbridge, ON

    September 15-16, 2018 A venue for emerging and established artists to display their work..
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GREAT NEWS! Government of Canada suspends lawsuit provision in anti-spam legislation

By Artists in Canada June 21, 2017

Thank you for taking this Issue to the Government.

The Government of Canada is suspending the implementation of certain provisions in Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) in response to broad-based concerns raised by businesses, charities and the not-for-profit sector.

The provisions, known as private right of action, would have allowed lawsuits to be filed against individuals and organizations for alleged violations of the legislation.

The provisions were scheduled to come into force on July 1, 2017, but have now been suspended.

 More Information 


AIC Article (from June 1)

Are you unknowingly a spammer?

You are trying to make a living as a Canadian artist in truly troubled times. New legislation will hinder you from initiating contact with potential art customers and those that could further your career.

The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) was brought in through the Parliamentary back door and given Royal Accent in 2010 as bill c-27, then enacted in 2014 as (bill c-28), lumped together with other bits of legislation it was approved and passed. NOTE: Charitable Organizations, MP’s and MLA’s can still fundraise and solicit you, as they are exempt.

Comply by July 1, 2017 or possibly be fined

Serious fines for email spam violators (that could unknowingly be you) will be implemented starting JULY 1, 2017. Hungry lawyers have been queuing for 3 years waiting to prosecute and litigate individual and class action suits that could be in the thousands and even millions of dollars for large companies. Hard to believe these fines will be greater than settlements for some serious crimes.

The details can get complicated, but the jest of it is, your contacts need to OPT IN to receive your emails, NOT OPT OUT, like anywhere else in the world. You will not even legally be able to send a client an email to have them comply, they need to initiate the conversation. Bulk email violations could add up quickly.

So when does common sense prevail?

How much junk mail do you receive through Canada Post? You can’t request not to receive certain types of mail; Canada Post won’t let you do that, so all you do is throw it out. Legislation doesn’t cover the phone spam we all receive for any number of holiday offers or the out of country actual SPAM and SCAMS we receive daily in our in baskets. We just deal with it using common sense – DELETE or unsubscribe.

How to find new markets and grow your art business?

So how do you get in contact or stay visible with a potential new Art Customer, Curator or Art Gallery?

Let them contact to you through Artists In Canada.

Use your AIC Membership Advantage

If you are an Artists in Canada member use your art to visually attract new viewers. We promote member artists artwork to over 200,000 visitors each month on our home page.

NOTE: It would also be advised to use a regulated mail service to send bulk emails, exhibition information and invitations to shows. These services can be set up on your website and you can load approved emails into the directory. Artists in Canada uses MailChimp.com and we find them very beneficial for our monthly newsletter.

FREE 1Month AIC Membership Offer [Use Promo Code FREE TRIAL]

We want every Canadian artist to have an opportunity to try our member’s platform and be visible on our home page.

Get in before July 1, 2017.

Login, add images, copy and social media links – free. After 30 days it will expire, but you can keep it active if you login and purchase either a 1year ($50) or *2 year ($75) membership. MEMBERSHIP

*(If you take out the 2 Year Basic Membership we will give you a home page mini ad ($25value) for 1 month and you can list your 6 images with prices in the Art Sales Gallery, pay no commissions.)

That’s not all – Do it in the month of June and we will give you an additional 1month mini ad ($25value).

Though Artists in Canada doesn’t agree with how CASL was implemented it is a starting point to limit some of the spam, though it won’t stop serious spammers. Ours is to comply as best we can and give Canadian artists a unique and economical advantage to building their following.

Here are links to more information on CASL.