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Lisa Levasseur

Canadian born business woman, Lisa levasseur began painting 2010 and quickly emerged as an artist. She's become recognized as the creator of PaletteArtTM a new art form using 100% acrylic recycled paint to sculpt 3D one of a kind award winning paintings. She’s been featured as a Modern Art Master & Top Contemporary Artist in magazines, books & exhibitions all over the world.

Her work hangs in private & museum collections next to the likes of Picasso, Renoir & Dali. Conveying a strong message about the value of things we might overlook or throw away without thinking. Levasseur’s goal is to help other artists, through paint recycling at PaletteArt.org and charity art sales at LJLgalleries.com

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am moved by the actions, history and events that shape mankind, by nature or anything that touches the human spirit. It translates into all this energy, which I can express in a positive way through artwork. I only hope it inspires the same passion, love and hope in others.

Copper Moon, Palette Art Mixed Media

For inquiries and to see more of Lisa's work see her website and Instagram link on her Artists in Canada profile page or email Artists in Canada and we will connect you. accounts@artistsincanada.com


Lisa Levasseur -

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