Abstract, Artisan, Carver, Ceramics, Drawing, Figure, Folk Art, Glass, Landscape, Painter, Photographer, Portraits, Printmaker, Sculptor, Textiles, Wildlife / Animals

Head Office, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

1. The 2018 Artist ecatalogue (11" x 8.5") Electronic version  Browse through the catalogue online at your leasure. You may contact Artists in Canada about any inquiries, we will gladly introduce you or your can contact the artists directly through links we have provided. Enter to win online from our ecatalogue. START HERE.------------Here are the past 2 Art Catalogues from 2015 / 2016 / 2017.IN 2016 THIS CATALOGUE WAS CREATED TO PROMOTE PREMIUM MEMBERS AND ARTISTS IN CANADA MEMBERS. View the 2016/2017 ecatalogue IN 2015 THIS CATALOG WAS CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE ART VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR.  View the 2015 ecatalogue



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