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1 Artist

Linda Mullola

Sudbury, Ontario artist Linda Mullola paints acrylic landscapes, creating depth in her paintings by applying many layers of acrylic paint. Her realistic style is achieved by using colours true to..

2 Artist

Kelly Anne Hooper

Glassworks Studio designs and builds custom stained and leaded glass in the Greater Toronto Area. Art Glass, Privacy Glass, GLASS THAT COMPLETES YOUR SPACE...including sidelites, windows panels, cabinet door..

3 Gallery

Trio Imagery

Trio Imagery is a photography studio and Art Gallery located in Market Mall, Saskatoon. Custom made prints of many city and prairie scenes are available in a wide range of..

4 Artist

Jamie MacLean

Unfortunately website problems have removed much of the painting descriptions and put paintings where they don't belong. This problem is being worked on. My apologies. In the meantime - The..

5 Artist

Tom Smith

Tom Smith's drawings are subtle, understated works that contain elements of mystery, suspense, memory, and tranquility. It is the manner in which one or more of these elements are skilfully..

6 Artist

Shelley Newman

Because of the blendability, brilliance and luminosity of colour my medium is oil on canvas or linen. Through the pursuit of painting ‘en plein air’ (painting outdoors) over 2 years..

7 Artist

Betsy Bell McKimm

When I grow up, I want to be an artist. Forgetting to take art in high school, Betsy was diverted into business, teaching and parenthood; but not one to repeat..

8 Artist

Katrina Doucette

Nova Scotian Glass Artisan Katrina Doucette skillfully manipulates molten glass attaining exquisite effects and designs. The Creation of handcrafted glass beads is an age old process called Lampworking; each unique..

9 Artist

Linda Langerak

Original paintings and photographs. Acrylic paintings of various sizes; small to large. Contemporary abstract...

10 Artist

Chad Coombs

Chad Coombs was born in 1982 in Saskatoon, Canada. Coombs was interested in art already at an early age and started to paint. However, the attempted re-education of left-to right- handedness..

11 Gallery

Patina Studios

Artist/owners Joan Bailey and Tony Eyamie invite you to visit their new art gallery on the shores of Lake Huron in beautiful Bayfield, Ontario. With an eclectic mix of..

12 Artist

Kristin Krimmel

I explore the world around me, recording, rescuing fugitive images from obscurity and saving them in some kind of visual imagery - chalk pastels, watercolours, oils, acrylics, collage or photos...

13 Artist

Natalia Vetrova

Natalia Vetrova was born in Moscow. She began exhibiting professionally after graduation in 1995 from the Stroganov Academy of Art, where she qualified with a Master of Art Criticism and..

14 Artist

Shirley Kinneberg

Prairie scenery, wildlife and landscape is the passion behind this artist. Being a self taught rural artist with a keen eye for detail and color makes Shirley's art work..

15 Artist

Caroline Lefebvre

When I feel like escaping work and the day to day grind of like, I break out the paint brushes and the pallet knives, put on some music and start..

16 Gallery

Art Connection Calgary

Art Connection Calgary has been taking care of fine art for customers with our very personal art service. Our experience is wide ranging and includes framing, art restoration, installation, packaging..

17 Artist

Nancy Farrell

Nancy is a painter/sculptor working in acrylics and in found materials. Her non-objective paintings begin with gestural marks and colours. Shapes emerge which are sometimes influenced by remembered..

18 Artist

Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson's front line sketches of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are now held by the Smithsonian Museum of Armed Forces History in Washington, D.C., and the work from Iraq..

19 Artist

Elaine Hunter

Nature choreographed by Elaine Hunter   Magical photography with inspired use of colour and digital imagery   My experience consists of over 10 years of perfecting my skill and technique in the..

20 Resource


Artopix offers Fine Arts scanning up to 4'x 7', Giclée printing on canvas and other fine Art substrates, Digital printing, Art cards, calendars, mini posters and more.....

21 Artist

Stephen Dobson

Stephen works primarily with Oil paints, and strives to define light and colour through confident brushwork; and commonly uses pallet knives and his fingers while painting. ..

22 Artist

Kate Taylor

Our humanity is coupled to our connection to nature. My abstract art work explores the unique forms and colours of nature and how they are an integral part of our..

23 Gallery

Prairie Sculptors Association

The Prairie Sculptor's Association is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is comprised of members from across the Province. Our members are varied in their skill set and include Blacksmithing, stone..

24 Gallery

White Flag Gallery

In the heart of downtown Brockville a heritage mill has been transformed into the city’s newest Fine Art Gallery and Gift Shop. Resident artists Sheila Ballantyne and George Hurst will..

25 Artist

Malcolm Barker

The contemporary works of artist Malcolm Barker. His use of texture and bold colours bring life and depth to his work. His works can be found in private collections in..

26 Artist

Linda McEachern

Original oil paintings of wildlife, pets, landscapes, nature, people or of your favorite photograph. Commissions are welcome. ..

27 Artist

Kathryn Bossy

Colourful mixed media mosaic abstract wall art for windows, tables or walls - indoors & outside, using stained glass, smalti, marble, beads, tile, mirror, found items, up cycled wood and..

28 Artist

Patricia Leguen

Snow, Ice, Sand, and Fire Sculptures by International sculptor Patricia Leguen. She has represented Canada in many competitions taking her around the world...

29 Artist

Jihane Mossalim

I concentrated my paintings mainly on kid's portraits; I would take family pictures and dig a little deeper to find that gaze, that stare and try to capture it on..

30 Gallery

Grevpode Gallery

Upon entering you will notice this is NOT your typical Art Gallery, with about 600 pieces of FOLK ART nestled about in rustic primitive settings. In Vineland, Ontario several..

31 Artist

Gary Savitsky

Gary Savitsky is a inspirational artist that has been taught by oral tradition as well as inspirational and self taught. His medium is a form of energetic and spiritual calligraphic..

32 Artist

Gail Scheuring

I spent my formative years in small town Alberta, Canada. In 1992, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, and attended Grant Mac Ewan College, majoring in Visual Communications. After receiving my..

33 Artist

Marjorie Dagg

I am a native Edmontonian. Over the years I have done a variety of crafts, but painting has become my passion. Painting is very therapeutic and fulfilling. My style is..

34 Artist

Lindsay Embree

I am a printmaking artist with 25 years of experience in stone, plate and waterless lithography, etching, silk screening and relief printing. My involvement with theatre and the craft..

35 Artist

Lesley Dawn Schatz

I have a BFA from ACAD and a Master's of Education . As well I am a songwriter and on reverbnation. I write a blog where all life's problems are..

36 Artist

Patricia Wilmot Savoie

I am a contempory Impressionist who loves to paint 'en plein air'. I love colour. My paintings have been described as peaceful, with a feeling that you belong in..

37 Gallery

The Front Gallery

Fine Contemporary art by western Canadian artists. We can provide local delivery and installation of artwork both for private and public spaces, and will gladly offer our expertise in the..

38 Artist

Amelie Koning de Bourbon

Amelie Koning de Bourbon Fine Artist My work is always closely connected with the forms of life around me. It can take on a life of its own and my hand..

39 Artist

Carolyn Crosby

Artist's website, with portfolio ( abstract and non-objective paintings in acrylic,oil and mixed media) and contact information...

40 Artist

Kathy-Maury Haycock

Contemporary landscape painter specializing in rural Ontario, Arctic and Southwest USA..

41 Artist

Lisa Cripps

Painting is a passion for Lisa Cripps, Canadian Artist. She is a self-taught artist, and learns more techniques with every passing year. Lisa loves to paint landscapes, nudes, flowers,..

42 Gallery

New Blood Art Canada

NBA Canada showcases undiscovered, uniquely talented, emerging artists from the top Art Schools across the country. Constant touring allows us to bring you Canada’s raw talent with cutting edge frequency..

43 Artist

Bernard A. Poulin

Bernard Poulin is a commission painter and sculptor. He creates both official and private portraits for an international clientele. His solo exhibitions are rare and are usually sold..

44 Artist

Gerry Brophy

I find story illustration & animation very interesting. I do commission pieces for book covers, original acrylic paintings on canvas, storyboards, cel setups on painted backgrounds and comic books. I..

45 Gallery

Paint The City

All Vision and Paint the City’s Canadian Digital Art Network displays Canadian art on their electronic billboards in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Contact them if this interests you as an..

46 Artist

Spencer Dove

I am a landscape/seascape photographer living on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. I specialize in general landscapes and seascapes with an emphasis on long exposures. Most of my images are..

47 Gallery

DRAW Gallery

DRAW Gallery represents Westcoast Contemporary Canadian Art.   The Gallery offers Artists working in Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Video, Sound and Performance an opportunity to share ideas and present new works.  DRAW..

48 Gallery

Traditions Hand Craft Gallery

Traditions Handcraft Gallery in Regina's Cathedral district represents the work of 100 Fine Craft artisans from across the province of Saskatchewan. Traditions carries functional and artistic work in clay, metal,..

49 Artist

Judy Tarnofsky

Figurative, Portraiture, Still Life, Floral and Landscape paintings in Oil and Acrylics...

50 Artist

Nancy Constable

Nancy works from her studio in Edmonton Alberta. She is a multidisciplinary painter, but prefers watercolors for their freshness and immediacy. From landscapes to florals to reminiscent images of the..

51 Artist

ShirLee Adamson (ADAMS)

Mixed media painter...

52 Artist

Ranjan Sen

Currently showing: Watercolours, Scenes from Israel, BRIDGES series, WORSHIP series, EMERGENCE series..

53 Artist

Terry (Terrence) Greenhough

Teacher, artist now for 25 years, landscapes, winterscapes, waterscapes, portraits can be found along with my artist's statement. Images of British Columbia, in the okanagan area. I am an emerging..

54 Artist

Frances Westermann

Beautiful finely detailed portraits drawn in graphite and coloured pencil. Using photographs, I draw animal and human subjects...

55 Artist

Verna Dell Vowles

painter, mixed media, landscape, photographer, sculptor..

56 Artist

Laura Warburton

Laura is a Toronto artist with an academic background in psychology. Her edict is that a composition is merely a vague idea, not fully envisioned, until the piece itself emerges..

57 Artist

Yvonne Callaway Smith

Visual art obsession has taken me to many corners of the creative universe: writing, sculpture, residential design, cooking, painting. I am driven to be creative. Perhaps a shortened attention span dictates..

58 Artist

Katie Webster

London, ON perspective artist working with illustration, printmaking, photography, video media, and sculpture Installation. Exploring the various ways an image can be manipulated and recreated into new media. Processes explore organically..

59 Artist

Christian M. McLeod

Painting is my way of remembering and interpreting beauty and destruction. I begin by viewing reality as composed layers of colour and shape, observing the way light reflects off an..

60 Artist

Jill S. Harmer

Jill S. Harmer, an ethereal abstract painter from Toronto, Ontario creates a captivating presence for any setting. “The airy, delicate feel of her large, painterly abstract pieces is really quite..

61 Artist

George Popadynec

My site contains Ottawa cityscapes,the Muskoka Lakes region landscapes and florals. Included are images of Winterlude,tulips and maple sugaring using horse teams. The Muskoka scenics include the Muskoka steamboats and..

62 Artist

Jane Evans

Tranquil sites in nature are portrayed through acrylic paint and textures of oriental collage papers and gels. Web link to galleries of paintings and textile landscapes, biography, technical instructions, and..

63 Artist

Kevin Jenne

A huge appeal lies in his 'impressionistic' slightly “cubist” style. His paintings are infused with an inner glow and luminosity that gives each piece a life of their own. He..

64 Artist

Dan Reid

Dan Reid is a self-taught Western Canadian artist who has spent all his life on the prairies. Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan instilled in him an appreciation for..

65 Artist

Gisèle L'Épicier

Artist’s personal website: virtual art gallery, statement, contact, media, art links. Gisèle L’Épicier holds a diploma in Fine Arts from l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) and did further studies..

66 Artist

Brandy Saturley

Brandy Saturley is an archiver of things, guerilla photographer and zealous painter. Her art touches the archetypal lobe in the brain of viewers for an overall seductive portfolio. Painting surreal..

67 Artist

Deborah Czernecky

This artist has a life long passion for painting and nature, using the Canadian landscape as her 'big back yard' and a constant source of spiritual inspiration. Deborah is currently..

68 Artist

Jan Corcoran

Colours, shapes, imagination all contribute to the wonders of art that the artist brings to the viewer. Every picture tells a story.....

69 Artist



70 Artist

Michelle Montague

Inspired by nature and shaped by imagination, artist Michelle Montague uses a combination of drawing and painting techniques to depict images of an abstract world. Born in Toronto Canada, Michelle..

71 Artist

Carol Wylie

Carol is a Saskatoon-based acrylic, figurative and portrait painter and sculptor. Rich colour and beautiful imagery are characteristic of her work as she explores the essence of being human...

72 Artist

Robert Naish

My artwork is urban influenced using a spray gun and found objects (used as stencils) to express my visions and psychic reactions to the contemporary urban culture and environment...

73 Artist

Pnina Granirer

Pnina Granirer is a prolific and imaginative painter. She works in series, following a new idea as long as it stays fresh and exciting, integrating content within form, never letting..

74 Artist

Arnold A. Burrell

Biographical information plus examples of works from the four decades of professional life..

75 Artist

James S. Korpan

Welded steel and bronze sculpture. A Saskatchewan metal artist using recycled material to create natural wildlife and abstract expressionist three dimensional work. Tabletop to monumental sculptures. Selected commissions accepted...

76 Artist

Elenor Riley

Realism fine art in oil and watercolour.  Giclees available on request. ..

77 Artist

Lawrie Dignan

Stylized Landscape drawings using Technical pens and Acrylic based inks..

78 Artist

Robert Amos

Acrylic on panel Urban paintings of Victoria and Vancouver areas...

79 Artist

Crystal Deshaies

Celebrate Your Life with an Exclusive Home and Garden Portrait. Lovingly created, these custom paintings are exquisitely detailed and embrace your home environment and life together. Include your children, pets,..

80 Artist

Laila Campbell

Penticton artist Laila Campbell paints the Okanagan landscape often using figures in her colourful and lyrical acrylic and mixed media works Laila has had solo and group shows in many..

81 Artist

Shirley Flinn

Why I paint, well, it makes me feel good, the satisfaction of a job done to the best of my ability. That’s not to say I don’t struggle because..

82 Artist

William Hannibal Hall

Hannibal's Studio Web Site - William H. Hall, Canadian artist and illustrator.Federation of Canadian Artists member. Realism and Impressionist - Highly detailed oil paintings of trains, planes, cars, marine and..

83 Artist

Lorraine Oberg

The style of my work can best be described as contemporary realism. Each oil painting is a story that I invite the viewer to experience with me. My..

84 Artist

Marie Scott

Using both paper and canvas, Marie Scott translates her everyday experiences through color, line and movement into a place of both quietness and energy. Her poetry parallels her visual art...

85 Artist

Regina Seib

In my abstract works I draw heavily on my own imagination, bringing to life something from within. I distil the images, exploring form, colour and light, always working towards a..

86 Artist

John Hayward Lown

A gallery of some of artist John Lown's major paintings with brief bio and statement. Stylized interpretive realism. Acrylic and gouache...

87 Artist

Gail LaCasse

A self-taught artist, Gail started drawing at an early age. Beginning with pen and ink drawings she has transitioned to pastels as her medium of choice. Northern Ontario has provided..

88 Artist

Cheryl Kaye Ypma

Cheryl usually works in Acrylic on canvas, her forte being Realism. Cheryl is one of the co-founders of the well known Dodge Cove Arts Guild, located on Digby Island, British..

89 Artist

Maurice Tessier

An audacious and dynamic artist who challenges all subjects. His selective sense of observation illustrate a vision which result in very suttle paintings. His love of nature is communicated..

90 Gallery

Avenue Art Gallery

Avenue Art is dedicated to the presentation and promotion of emerging as well as established Canadian artists.  Avenue Art features one on one service visiting the client’s office, residence or booking..

91 Artist

Michael Scott

"The essence of painting is responding to an experience. Whether it be a model, a still life, or a mindscape, painting feels like an honest and truthful moment of reflection."..

92 Artist

Sarah Amos

oil paintings, acrylics and watercolours, silk screen prints; representational images of home and garden, food and flowers, early works include scenes from thailand and japan...

93 Artist

Susanne Kestner Aiello

Figure drawings and portraits in oil on canvas, painted from life by Susanne Kestner Aiello,as well as recent plein air landscape paintings. Susanne lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada...

94 Artist

Cori Lee Marvin

A unique and detailed approach to water colour painting with great clarity and depth. The objects, colours and textures of a bygone era are merged with whimsical animal illustration..

95 Artist

Jean James

For 2010 I have produced a series of oil paintings entitled Ice Caves using a very limited palette. They have been well received.and shown in Toronto and New York...

96 Gallery

Chapel Gallery

The Chapel Gallery overlooks the North Saskatchewan River with the best view in the city. The gallery features regular showings by regional and national artists. Proposals should be made in..

97 Artist

Larry Deacon

Canadian landscape artist Larry Deacon inspires and captures a fresh realism. His transparency of water, iconic imagery of seasons around the lakes and the depiction of crisp winter days in..

98 Artist

Carol Kapuscinsky

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Carol Kapuscinsky works as a contemporary realist using simplified imagery on canvas glazing with thin layers of oil paint...

99 Artist

Robert Genn

Robert Genn is one of Canada’s most accomplished painters, having gained international recognition for his genre subjects on Canada’s West Coast. He has painted in most parts of Canada, and..

100 Artist

Dennis Moffat

“Exuberance for living is the hallmark of Moffat and passion for creating art has been his release for more than three decades. Moffat is happiest when in his studio..